Scholarship and Support

Scholarship and Support

Students enrolled at VISTEC receive full scholarships and academic support. Students receive monthly stipend of THB 15,000-20,000 per month and funding to attend international conferences. All Ph.D. students also receive up to one-year research training at leading international laboratories. Students also receive support for tuition fees and research expenses.

Types of Scholarships in VISTEC

1. VISTEC scholarship by PTT and Sponsors: The default scholarship for all VISTEC Ph.D. and Master's degree students

2. Srimedhi scholarship: The scholarship for only Ph.D. Students with outstanding academic performance, English communication, and clear objectives for their overseas research

3. VISTEC-RGJ Ph.D. scholarship: The scholarship for only Ph.D. students passed the selection by both VISTEC and RGJ's committee

VISTEC provides accommodation on campus for students throughout the period of their studies. Weekly transportation to Bangkok is also available.

All support is provided without any bond or obligation after graduation. VISTEC and our donors want our alumni to realize their full potential and become global leaders in research and innovation.