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Dr. Suvit maesincee, the minister of science and technology of thailand visit VISTEC 19 Feb 2018

As The Ministry of Science and Technology proposed that development of the Eastern Economic Corridor should be enhanced by the creation of areas within the project that are properly equipped to generate an “innovation ecosystem”, supporting innovative research and development and involving the government, private-sector organizations, universities and local communities. This aspect of the development has been named the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi). 

It aims to advance and transform existing industries as well as to nurture the new strategic industries, both within the Eastern Economic Corridor and in other parts of the country. Its ultimate goal is to make Thailand a country that thrives on innovation, in the course of which the quality of life of local people will be upgraded and the country set on a path towards a sustainable future.

We are all excited to move towards Thailand 4.0 and see the country thrives better with such sustainable development.