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Students @ Overseas 2018-2019

Mr. Sebastian Broll is a 3-yr-Ph.D. student under a supervision of Prof. Dr. Vinich Promarak from the School of Material Science and Engineering (MSE). He is an international student from Germany. 
He got accepted from University of Manchester last year to enroll and do research with Prof. Michael Turner on the topic ‘Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles’ at School of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering. 
He gets along well with his research team and studies there as you can see him in the pictures.

“I am having a good time in Britain and enjoy the multinational environment at my work place as well as privately. I think VISTEC will be mentioned on the publications I am currently working on in the work group of Prof. Turner.” 

Sebastian B.

Ms. Saros Salakhum or Aom is also a 3-yr-Ph.D. student under a supervision of Dr. Chularat  Wattanakit from the School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE). 
Her research topic is ‘One Pot Dehydration and Dimerization/Oligomerization of Short Alcohol to Gasoline Range Hydrocarbon Using Hierarchical HZSM-5-NS as an Acid Catalyst’, which is very interesting, so she got an acceptance from Department of Chemistry, Technische Universität München to collaborate the research with Prof. Dr. Johannes A. Lercher..

“At first, it is not quite easy to adjust myself because of the language barrier. So, I would suggest to the students, who might want to come to do research in Germany, to study German.  Life will be a lot easier for you. Anyhow, the colleague here is nice to me. They help me the best they can. The majority of the students here is German, and some are Chinese. In Germany, they are famous about beer, so the German colleagues sometimes ask me to go for a drink after work. I have a close friend who is a Spanish colleague and a visiting scientist here. I cooked Thai food for colleague here a couple of times and they cooked the traditional Bavarian dishes for me, which was really nice. Apart from the university, I got to see some beautiful places in Germany which I really enjoy it.

I have been here for about 6 months now. The first 3 months is about adjusting myself to the place, getting to know how everything works here. I have tried 2 different topics, but it didn’t go so well; however, I got the new topic that I would see it through now. I have been attending the seminar THAT students gave and also see some of their work which they are strongly focusing on studying about the kinetic of the catalysts, about the absorption of substance the in zeolite, the performance/stability of zeolites in hot liquid water and so on. One of the measurement that I’m really interested in is the deep study about the acidity type using pyridine IR, which can differentiate between Brønsted and Lewis acid site. We don’t have this machine at VISTEC, and from the best of my knowledge, we don’t have this machine in Thailand. Therefore, I would like to use this opportunity to use our H-ZSM-5 nanosheets to study the acidic sites of the fresh catalysts and the used catalysts at different condition to try to understand the nature of our catalyst in hot liquid water. So, hopefully when I go back to VISTEC, I can use this knowledge to apply to our study and share what I have found with my lab group members. Other than the skill in the laboratory, the working skill with colleague and communication is really important, which I get to learn a lot from being here alone thousands of miles away from home. Now, I have 6 months left I will make the best out of it and learn the best I can”

Saros S.

Mr. Sunpet Assavapanumat or Top is a 5-yr-Ph.D. student also under a supervision of Dr. Chularat  Wattanakit from the School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE). Mr. Sunpet is accepted by VISTEC Council Committee to receive a double-programs between VISTEC and Bordeaux University under a supervision of Professor. Alexander Kuhn so now he is studying at Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie, de Biologie et de Physique (ENSCBP), Bordeaux University and sometimes he visits VISTEC for his research collaboration progress. The collaboration of both universities can support him to produce research topics including:

Highly efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction over hierarchical porous nickel electrodes
2.  Chiral-imprinted fluidic device: High efficiency of enantiomeric separation using mesoporous platinum imprinted with L, D tryptophan
3. Bifunctional catalysts on bipolar particles of Ni-Cu: bulk electrocatalysts for the simultaneous hydrogenation and oxidation

He has a good lab team led by Prof. Alexander Kuhn and his life there is happy.

 “This is a really nice experience that I have the opportunity to be here. Not only the knowledge which I got, but I also learned the thinking methods and cultural from foreign students, French, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Indian. For knowledge that I got from here, Dr. Chularat Wattanakit and I planned that we will build a new electrochemical experiment at VISTEC.”

Sunpet A.

Ms. Wannaruedee  Wannapakdee or Puy is a 3-yr-Ph.D. student under a supervision of Dr. Chularat  Wattanakit from the School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE). Her interesting research topics are consisted of:

Co-feeds of benzene and oxygenated reagents over the different structure of zeolites
Synthesis of zeolite structures having the uniform mesopores
She collaborates with Prof. Emiel Hensen, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). She has learnt a lot from her research and living there.

“At TU/e, I have gotten more knowledge, which are useful to improve and support my research. I learnt the new things from here, especially life experience. Under Prof.Emiel’s group, I learnt more techniques, not only in my field but also others. All knowledges and techniques are useful for my field and support my works. From all things that I got, I can bring them to improve and create works with the new ideas and use them to solve a problem when I face. Above all, from my obtained knowledge and skill, I hope I can convey them to other VISTEC members to help and support them. Finally, I would like to thank VISTEC to give me a scholarship during 1 year for being an exchanged student at The Netherlands. Without you, I have not gotten a chance to meet such beautiful people and places.”

Wannaruedee  W.

Mr. Siwarut  Siwaipram or Jaff is a 5-yr-Ph.D. student from under a supervision of Dr. Sareeya  Bureekaew from the School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE). He is focusing on Molecular modeling of flexible metal-organic frameworks. Now he is studying and doing research abroad at Department of Inorganic Chemistry 2, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. His co-research advisor is Prof. Dr. Rochus Schmid.

Even though he has been just visited the university for a few months, he has many opportunity to get new friends and new connections.

“I am writing in appreciation of VISTEC scholarship. I have just begun my overseas research and taking courses for a few months. The topic is currently about molecular modeling, particularly in the field of nanomaterials. During living life in Germany, it is a great opportunity in my life. I have a chance to meet new friends, new connections without borders and we especially work together as a team for research purpose. Besides only the intense studying on the academic fields, I also enjoy many of first-time activities here such as traditional Christmas party, native sport and German musical shows. These all contribute a great experience for me and one of the best moment in my life.

My educational pursuits would not be possible without generous support from VISTEC. Without a doubt, the scholarship plays a major role in achieving my success. The financial support placed on me to proceed along my education covers all things. That means I can spend most of the time focusing on my studies, research and extracurricular activities. Studying in an oversea country has not only offered experience, academic challenges and happiness life but has also helped me realize the value of scholarship. I would like to thank VISTEC for the financial support and Dr.Sareeya Bureekaew for giving me a chance to be a part of educational circumstances. Also many thanks to my colleagues at the campus for the encouragement.

I hope that through my hard work, commitment to this campus and all it has to offer; I am making university proud and am honoring them through my success.”

Siwarut  S.

Ms. Atiweena  Krittayavathannanon or Tulip is a 3-yr-Ph.D. students under a supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Montree  Sawangphruk from the School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE). Her research topic is Electrochemical studies of nanoparticles. She is outstanding to be accepted by  Professor Richard Compton, Department of Chemistry (Physical & Theoretical Chemistry), University of Oxford, UK.

“It is with great honour and appreciation that I received an opportunity as a visiting student under supervision of Richard Compton, University of Oxford. I would say that it is such a good time for being here. Richard is a world class professor who is a specialist in electrochemistry, both fundamental and applied electrochemistry. He has published academic works more than 1,000 publications and written many books. When I started learning electrochemistry, his book is the first tutorial equipment that I used. Not everything that is learned is contained in the book. Knowledge gained from experience is valuable. Details from work are a good learning lesson and an advice from Richard is a guide giving a good direction. Learning with him has surpassed my expectation every step.

Importantly, I cannot be here without the support from VISTEC. I would like to sincerely thank VISTEC for the financial support and Dr. Montree Sawangphruk for his supervision.”

Atiweena K.



Mr.Amaret Sanguanwong (Omo) is a 5-yr-Ph.D. student under a supervision of Prof. Adrian Flood from the School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE). He is working on cellulosic materials for oil spill remediation. In the collaboration with Prof. Ruiz-Hitzky Eduardo at ICMM-CSIC, Spain and Prof. Makoto Ogawa at VISTEC, he has moved forward to study the cellulosic materials in nanoscale to create a better sorbent material.

“I had been at ICMM-CSIC in Madrid, Spain for one year. This was such a special time for me there.“I had been at ICMM-CSIC in Madrid, Spain for one year. This was such a special time for me there. In a different place, I got new ideas and viewpoints which could really adapt to improve my work. 
I had learnt many other things. These were not only the knowledge in the science field but also life experience, traditions and cultures in the oversea country. 

I am very appreciated and would like to thank VISTEC for the scholarship. I can say this is the best opportunity in my life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Amaret S.