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Transportation service

VISTEC provides a free transportation service according to the 3 main routes as follow:

Route 1: VISTEC – PTT Headquarter (BKK) on every Friday or the last workday of the week at 5.00 PM. Pick up point: Vidyasirimethi (V) building.

Route 2: PTT Headquarter (BKK) – VISTEC on every Sunday or the last day of the holiday at 3.00 PM, PTT Headquarter. Pick up point: In front of Amazon Embrace, PTT Headquarter

Route 3: VISTEC – City Centers (Rayong or Pattaya) on Saturday at 10.00 AM. Pick up point: Vidyasirimethi (V) building.

To reserve the transportation:

You can make a reservation via https://goo.gl/forms/64S57WHWHSKJBP4H2 before 12.00 PM on Thursday of every week.

Note: In case you would like to request for the service that is not mentioned above, you may contact School’s administration and get approved by Dean of School.

Also, VISTEC provides Shuttle Golf Cart everyday as the timetable below;