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Tourist Attractions

Rayong is well-known as a city of relaxation, beaches and seafood are very easy to reach. To explore what Rayong has to offer, below are some nearby attractions that you might want to consider visiting:

Wang Chan Forest Project, Wang Chan Valley

The Wang Chan Forest Project by PTT PLC is designed as a natural classroom for public, housing the knowledge compiled from the “One Million Rai Reforestation Project in Honor of HM the King”. The integration of knowledge and research on forests and the environment preservation and recreation a eco-tourist attraction of the Eastern Region. The project has water retention area for systematic water management, a nature study trail, a reforested land of prototype carbon forest, a plot dedicated to reforestation format research, an area dedicated to naturally rehabilitating forests, wonders of plant species, and a green area. The project has been officially registered under the voluntary greenhouse gas reduction project, which is expected to sequester 176 tons of carbon dioxide a year.


Suan Lamai “Kingdom of Fruit on the mountain”
Suan Lamai is surrounded by mountains, natural forest and varieties of plants as well as the experience of cool atmosphere throughout the year. You will be welcome with a variety of fruits, including durians, rambutans, mangosteens, pomelo, rose apples, longans, zanlaccas, dragon fruits, starfruits, sweet yellow marian plums and grapes etc.

Website: http://www.suanlamai.com/

Khao Chamao- KhaoWong National Park
It was established in 1975, this national park covered the area of 52,300 rai with the lush forest with a great variety of flora and fauna which is the watershed of Prasea river.

Attractions in the national park:
  • Khao Chamao Waterfall or Klong Namsai Waterfall is the crystal clear waterfall
  • Sawan Cliff. The viewpoint are 1.5 kilometers from the park headquarters. Tourist should contact national park staff before exploring further to the viewpoint.
  • Khlong Pla Kang Waterfall are three kilometers from headquarter which is best known for its lush of Ferns and Orchids all over in this area.
  • Khao Wong Cave has many Limestone Mountains surround a flattest plain in the middle with a total of 80 caves inside. This area is also a home for the mountain.

Prasea River Estuary
Prasea River Estuary is an interesting riverfront village in eastern seaboard covered 1,500 square kilometers in Klaeng, Rayong. This attraction will show you the golden mangrove forest, the Thai classic battleship, local lives next to the river, this place is a totally worth-visiting in Rayong.

Laem Mae Phim Beach
Laem Mae Phim Beach is one of three most popular beaches in Rayong. White-sandy beach, a plenty of seafood restaurants, and water activities will never let you get bored.

Suan Son Beach
Suan (garden) Son (a pine tree) beach is another famous beach in Rayong. According to the name, you can probably imagine that there will lots of pine trees along the beach.

Sonthron Phu 's Monument
Sonthron Phu is one of the greatest poets in Thailand, we call him Shakespeare of Thailand. The statue of Sunthron Phu is located at the central of Rayong public park. His famous poet was called “Phra Aphai Mani”, there are statues of the main characters from the poet, including Phra Aphai Mani, the mermaid and the giantess are located in this area.

HRH Princess Sirindhorn Herb Garden
The garden established by PTT PLC is a treasure trove of herbal plants.  The attraction has over 20,000 plants and the meandering pathways in the herb garden systematically lead you through the various sections for you to discover the variety of herbs. Each year the garden will display highlight plants and flowers for the public such as winter flowers and exotic plants.