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Dr. Thanyaporn Wongnate

School of Biomolecular Science & Engineering (BSE)
Tel. +66 (0) 33 01 4203
Email thanyaporn.w@vistec.ac.th


Sugar Tailoring Enzymes


Research Overview

Controlling the regio-specific oxidation of sugars is very challenging from a chemical perspective. However, we can overcome this problem efficiently by using specific enzymes. Conversion of common to rare sugars using enzymatic reactions is economic viable and sustainable, because the production process can be operated under mild pH and temperature, without the creation of hazardous intermediates and waste.

Sugar Tailoring Enzymes At VISTEC

Thailand is a major producer of carbohydrates such as rice, starch and sugar. These are all bulk and low-value commodities. Therefore, technology to turn common sugars such as glucose and sucrose into rare sugars that are much more valuable can contribute significantly to the economy. Our research is focused on enzymatic processes to facilitate this, while also making the manufacturing processes clean and reducing toxic waste. Thus, our innovative technology can benefit the economy as well as the environment.

Pyranose 2-oxidase catalyzes the oxidation of aldopyranoses by using molecular oxygen as an electron acceptor to yield the corresponding keto-aldoses and hydrogen peroxide. P2O can potentially convert sugars to provide a pool of keto-sugar intermediates for synthesis of rare sugars, fine chemicals and drugs. We employ enzyme engineering approach to improve the performance of P2O in biocatalysis. Site-directed mutagenesis of active site residues that are crucial for sugar binding is used for improving enzyme performance and to create P2O variants that can be used to generate rare sugars in large scale production.


Selected Publications

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Research Group Members:

Dr. Pimchai Chaiyen (Professor)
Dr. Thanyaporn Wongnate (Lecturer)
Dr. Panu Pimviriyakul
(Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Ms. Kanokwan Yansakon (Research Assistant)
Ms. Pattarawan Intasian
Ms. Vinutsada Pongsupasa
Mr. Kridsadakorn Prakinee
Ms. Supacha Buttranon
Ms. Pangrum Punthong
Ms. Kittiya Sakdaphetsiri
Mr. Nattanon Akeratchatapan
Ms. Nuttanun Kutrakul
Mr. Thana Thaweeskulchai
Ms. Jittima Phonbuppha
Mr. Pratchaya Watthaisong


Assistant Prof. Dr. Ruchanok Tinikul
Mahidol University
Assistant Prof. Dr. Panida Surawatanawong
Mahidol University
Assistant Prof. Dr. Narin Lawan
Chiang Mai University
Dr. Somchart Maenpuen
Burapha University
Dr. Pirom Chenprakhon
Mahidol University

International Research Collaborators:

Professor Chun-Hung Lin
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Professor Dietmar Haltrich
U. Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria