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Associate Professor Dr. Montree Sawangphruk

Chemical Engineering
School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE)
Tel. +66(0) 33 014251
Email montree.s@vistec.ac.th
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Advanced Energy Storage Materials: Graphene aerogel and its composites for high-performance supercapacitors


Research Overview

Supercapacitors are energy storage devices, which have high power density (10,000 W/kg), good reversible charge/discharge performance, and long cycle life (>500,000 cycles) due to their charge storage mechanisms based on electrochemical double layer capacitance (EDLC) and pseudocapacitance. Both mechanisms mainly occur at the surfaces of the supercapacitor electrodes. Whilst, the battery counterparts store electronic charges inside the crystalline bulk materials used as the battery electrodes. The supercapacitors are employed together with the batteries or fuel cells in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and self-sufficiently used in emergency backup power sources and public transportation vehicles.

Graphene Aerogel

n the past decade, graphene has been widely investigated as the electrode material of the supercapacitors due to its high theoretical surface area of 2630 m2/g, electrical conductivity of 2 × 103 S/cm, and specific capacitance of 550 F/g. Although a single graphene sheet has many outstanding theoretical values, the restacked form of graphene sheets has poor empirical properties. This is because the van der Waals attractive force among the adjacent graphene sheets draws them together forming the restacked structure exhibiting low surface area and poor charge storage capacity. The restacked graphene is then not ideal to be used as the supercapacitor electrode.

Recently, graphene aerogel with open pore structure was synthesized and used as the supercapacitor electrodes. Though the graphene aerogel has light weight, porosity, and specific surface area leading to high charge storage capacity. In order to enhance the charge storage performance of the graphene aerogel, diluted nitrogen content was doped to graphene aerogel.

Coin Cell Supercapacitor Prototypes

Oxidized carbon nanosheet

Conductive carbon nanoparticle was chemically converted to carbon nanosheets by an oxidation process and used as conductive materials in the supercapacitor electrodes. The oxidized carbon nanosheets (OCNs) can significantly improve the charge storage performance of the supercapa citors.

K-birnessite Manganese Oxide

MnO2 is well recognized as a good candidate for the positive electrode due to its wide potential range in the positive side and high theoretical specific capacitance (1,233 Fg-1), high stability, low cost, abundance, and no environmental hazard.


Selected Publications

  • Iamprasertkun, P.; Krittayavathananon, A.; Kidkhunthod, P.; Seubsai, A.; Chanlek, N.; Sangthong, W.; Ittisanronnachai, S.; Pannopard, P.; Kongpatpanich, K.; Nilmoung, S.; Maensiri, S.; Yimnirun, R.; Limtrakul, J.; Sawangphruk, M., Charge storage mechanisms of manganese oxide nanosheets and N-doped reduced graphene oxide aerogel for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors; (Under review in Scientific report)
  • Krittayavathananon, A.; Iamprasertkun, P.; Sawangphruk, M., Single-stand DNA/ N-doped reduced graphene oxide aerogel supercapacitors; (Under review in Carbon) Iamprasertkun, P.; Krittayavathananon, A.; Sawangphruk, M., Carbon 102 (2016) 455-461
  • Phattharasupakun, N.; Wutthiprom, J.; Chiochan, P.; Suktha, P.; Suksomboon, M., Kalasina, S.; Sawangphruk, M., Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 2585


  • Sawangphruk, M.; Iamprasertkun, P.; Krittayavathananon, A.; Symmetric liquid ionic-based supercapacitors of N-doped graphene aerogel. WO Patent App (1601000854).
  • Sawangphruk, M.; Iamprasertkun, P.; Krittayavathananon, A.; An asymmetric supercapacitor of electrodeposited manganese oxide and graphene aerogel. WO Patent App (1601000855).

Research Group Members:

Dr. Montree Sawangphruk (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Kanokwan Kongpatpanich (Lecturer)
Dr. Saran Kalasina (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Ms. Atiweena Krittayavathananon
Mr. Poramane Chiochan
Mr. Chan Tanggarnjanavalukul
Ms. Montakan Suksomboon
Mr. Nutthaphon Phattharasupakun
Ms. Juthaporn Wutthiprom
Ms. Siriroong Kaewruang
Mr. Jakkrit Khuntilo
Ms. Phansiri Suktha
Mr. Pawin Iamprasertkun
Mr. Tanut Pettong
Ms. Pichamon Sirisinudomkit

International Research Collaborator:

Prof. John S Foord
University of Oxford