Welcome to Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology.



       Innovative Frontier Research and developing cutting-edge technology for environmental and economic sustainability and sustainable human well-being in our nation and society.

FRC aims to create research collaborations.

  • Research Collaborations with renowned universities. Collaboration withThai faculties from other universities may occur in the form of grants, research contracts and use of “our world class facilities".
  • Research Collaborations with industry: Interactions with industry may occur in the form of knowledge transfer, knowledge dissemination, collaboration or joint research.       
  • Corporations. We aim to create friendly partnerships with Thai companies, funding agencies and individuals in order to provide for long-term sustainable cooperation in the interest of the partners and for the benefit of Thai society.

FRC will support and build up complementary strengths and needs in

Identifying outstanding scientists and engineers who are actively involved in research for science and technology in Thailand,
Facilitating the identification of Centers and Laboratories that are doing frontier research related to Industrial and Business sectors,
Implementation of Frontier research excellence for Energy and Applications, Advanced Functional Materials, NanoScience & Nanotechnology, and Environment, Health and Safety,
Granting research fellowships for students, researchers.

NSTDA  National Science and Technology Development Agency
TRF  Thailand Research Fund
NRCT  National Research Council of Thailand
RAIST  Rayong Institute of Science and Technology
MIT  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
OXFORD  University of Oxford
TOKYO  University of Tokyo
MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE  Max Planck Institute of Polymer Research
KํYOTO Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto University