Welcome to Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology.

General Inforamtion


      Research with the best combination of "blue sky basic research” and "consideration of use" will nicely and significantly bring excellent ideas to bear fruit. In today’s scientific world the gap between basic research and application is much narrower than it was in the past.

      While we focus on basic research, we are keen to identify the applicability of our results, with a view of our industrial neighbors but keeping an open eye to unexpected uses.

      Frontier Research Center (FRC) is a center designed to strengthen research in science and technology for Vidyasirimedhi Institute. With the “SCI-1st” philosophy, the research culture in science for post-graduate researchers will be created.

      The historical research inspiration emphasizes on basic research that invents new theory or knowledge such as Niels Bohr. On the other hand, industrial research extensively focuses on applied research to solve specific problems such as Thomas Edison. If a researcher chooses to be on just one side, a solid foundation and effective exploitation of science will not be realized.

      Vidyasirimedhi Institute has then founded Frontier Research Center (FRC) in order to strengthen research in science and technology and to integrate basic and applied research for practical uses. With the incorporation of research culture (SCI-1st) for post-graduate researchers and students and the scientific cooperation between Vidyasirimedhi Institute and other institutions, advanced creative innovations will flourish leading to numerous benefits to science, business and industry sectors as a whole.