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The Second International Workshop on Urban Data Science 9 Jul 2018

        Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) cooperated with Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) by The IOT and Digital Innovation Institute and many top world innovation universities from abroad will arrange “The Second International Workshop on Urban Data Science” during July 9th -10th, 2018. This workshop builds on the successes of the first workshop jointly hosted by RIT and IIT, Madras and was held at the RIT campus in 24-25 July, 2017. The objective of this workshop is to gathering researchers, practitioners, and subject matter experts from academia, industry, and city leaders to address several research themes arising out of building future smart cities. And naturally expected to be multi-disciplinary, drawing experts in AI/machine learning, social sciences, cloud and distributed computing, urban sustainability, public policy, and software engineering.
        The workshop participants are expected to share cutting edge ideas that leverage data and computational intelligence to address urban challenges in new and interesting ways, discuss current and future urban challenges, exchange ideas, discuss potential collaborative opportunities, and report new findings that cover a variety of topics. We hope that the workshop will provide a venue for exciting presentations, having fruitful discussions, and building collaborations. We also plan to develop an international conference on the theme to be held annually as an outcome of the proposed workshop. Individuals with an interested in these and related themes are invited to submit Extended Abstracts or Position Papers as well.