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2nd VISTEC Data Science and Engineering Seminar 27 May 2018

The school of Information Science and Technology (IST) @ VISTEC, organized 2nd data science seminar on applied machine learning/deep learning/AI held at the SCB Academy, SCB Park Plaza on March 27, 2018.

The topics range from big data and deep learning in finance & banking, AI in healthcare, service robotics & IOT, VISTEC roadmap on analytic as service and HPC/AI as well as VISTEC Executive Data Science Program. The Executive Data Science Program is the first intensive master degree level offered in Thailand that aims to empower executives with hand-on and practical data science competency and to enable them with data-driven culture to improve efficiency or new s-curve growth product. The data science workshop is one of VISTEC outreach programs that intend to help advancing local businesses and industry toward Thailand 4.0.