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Prof. Dr. Adrian Evan Flood ศ.ดร.เอเดรียน อีวาน ฟลัด

Faculty Member
Tel.  +66(0) 33 01 4253
Email  adrian.flood@vistec.ac.th

Research (Professor Dr. Adrian E. Flood)

Downstream processing and separation of biological molecules
Our current research focuses on separation of pharmaceutical molecules and other molecules of
biological significance, including downstream processing of fermentations and separations from
chemical syntheses. We work with on separations for range of molecules including proteins, amino
acids, agricultural chemicals (for instance the herbicide Paclobutrazol), pharmaceuticals (naproxen,
acetaminophen, ibuprofen,…) and commodity chemicals from fermentations (for instance succinic acid).

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Selected articles:

N. T. H. Thuy, A. Kongkaew, A. E. Flood, A. Boontawan. Fermentation and crystallization of succinic acid
from Actinobacillus succinogenes ATCC55618 using fresh cassava root as the main substrate.
Bioresource Tech. 2017, 233, 342-352.

K. Suwannasang, A. E. Flood, C. Rougeot, and G. Coquerel. Using Programmed Heating–Cooling Cycles
with Racemization in Solution for Complete Symmetry Breaking of a Conglomerate Forming System,
Cryst. Growth Des. 2013, 13(8), 3498–3504.

S. Maosoongnern, C. Flood, A. E. Flood, J. Ulrich. Crystallization of Lysozyme from Lysozyme - Ovalbumin
Mixtures: Separation Potential and Crystal Growth Kinetics. J. Cryst. Growth 2017, 469, 2-7.

W. Srimahaprom, A. E. Flood. Crystal growth rates and optical resolution of dl-methionine hydrochloride
by preferential crystallization from aqueous solution. J. Cryst. Growth 2013 362, 88-92.