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Faculty & Adjunct Professors

Prof. Dr. Jumras Limtrakul President of VISTEC
Advanced Functional Materials by Design and Process Engineering
Prof. Dr. Rattikorn Yimnirun Dean of School
Smart and Intelligent Materials and Devices
Electronic Ceramics and Ferroelectrics
Crystal Chemistry and Physics
Prof. Dr. Makoto Ogawa Faculty Member
Advanced Functional Materials by Design and Process Engineering
Molecular Recognition on Nanospace Materials
Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites
Prof. Dr. Adrian Evan Flood Faculty Member
Downstream processing and separation of biological molecules
Industrial and Pharmaceutical Crystallization
Asst. Prof. Dr. Montree Sawangphruk Faculty Member
Energy Storage Technology for Future
Carbon and Metal Oxide Nanofibers for Energy Storage Technology
High Performance Li-Ion Batteries
Dr. Chularat Wattanakit Faculty Member
Hierarchical porous materials design for heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis
Dr. Sareeya Bureekaew Faculty Member
Metal-organic Frameworks for Proton Exchange Membranes
Molecular Simulation of Complex Systems in Materials Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Vinich Promarak Faculty Member
Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) for Low Energy Consumption Lighting Panels
Nature-Inspired Solar Cells: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSCs) for Low Cost Energy Conversion
Bio-Inspired Dye-Sentized Photoelectrochemical Cells (DS-PEC) for Solar Hydrogen Production
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khamphee Phomphrai Faculty Member
Polyolefin Synthesis: The Catalyst Development
Biodegradable Polymers: Start from Nature, Back to nature
Carbon Dioxide Utilization: from Waste to Valuables
Prof. Dr. Francesc Illas Adjunct Faculty
Computational Materials Science
Prof. Dr. Michael Probst Adjunct Faculty
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kuhn Adjunct Faculty