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Faculty & Adjunct Professors

Prof. Dr. Pimchai Chaiyen Dean of School
Systems Biocatalysts for Clean Technology
Synthetic Biology for Turning Waste into Value
Bioreporter and Smart Detection Tools
Prof. Dr. Albert Schulte Faculty Member
Automation of electroanalysis
Sensor and electrochemical cell miniaturization
Disease biomarker electroanalysis
Prof. Dr. Wipa Suginta Faculty member
Bioconversion of chitin biomass by marine Vibrios
Structural and biophysical studies of protein nanopores
Development of chitin-chitosan based biosensors/immunosensors
Dr. Thanyaporn Wongnate Faculty Member
Synthetic Biology for CO2 Utilization
Sugar Tailoring Enzymes
Dr. Chayasith Uttamapinant​ Faculty Member
Synthetic biology for biopolymer synthesis and bioremediation
Prof. Robert (Bob) Charles Robinson Faculty Member (speciality lecturer and visiting professor from Okayama University, Japan)
Structure Biology
Evolution of Complex Organisms
Asst. Prof. Dr. Nopphon Weeranoppanant Faculty member (joint appointment between VISTEC and Burapha University)
Novel engineering for chemical and biochemical processes
Prof. Dr. Madan Babu Adjunct Faculty
Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology
Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer Adjunct Faculty
Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis
Prof. Dr. Adrian Mulholland Adjunct Faculty
Computational enzymology: modelling biological catalysts
Prof. Dr. Yoshihiro Ohmiya Adjunct Faculty
Basic and application of Bioluminescence system for imaging
Purification and characterization of Thyroglobulin from thyroid
Molecular mechanism of bioluminescence system in firefly, photoprotein, Aequorin
Prof. Dr. Nigel Scrutton Adjunct Faculty
Biological catalysis, synthetic biology and biomolecular