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Overview of MSE at VISTEC

The School of Molecular Science and Engineering (MSE) is dedicated to the education of graduate students in the field of sustainable chemistry and materials science. The research in the MSE School covers the most attractive, novel, and interdisciplinary fields: advanced catalysis, green materials from renewable resources, nanomaterials, and functional materials as well as their wide-ranging applications from chemical, biomedical, optoelectronic to energy applications. We address hereby topics of global challenges that need to be overcome for developing the Thai society through science and engineering. 
The MSE School is also a research hub for Thai industries that want to benefit from the scientific expertise and creativity of the School to fabricate new products or invent novel technologies. Indeed, our research activities are directed towards important applications.  
We build our scientific reputation in the frame of regular exchange of scientists and students, along with colleagues from international institutes or universities such as Kyoto University, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, or Imperial College London among many others. 

Studying in the MSE School ensures you to develop excellence for your scientific skills, your self-confidence, and your entrepreneurship. We will rigorously educate and train you to make advances in science and engineering at the international level, becoming key players in the increasingly dynamic society of tomorrow and contributing with us to the sustainable future of Thailand and the world.