Welcome to Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology.

Assoc. Pro. Dr. Khampee Phomphrai

Welcome to the School of Molecular Science and Engineering (MSE) where the excellence in teaching and research can unite. We pay great attention to the quality of faculty members and research that can impact not only to the academic community but also to the industry with tangible applications. Collaborations with industry are given high priority by our faculty members leading to research collaborations and funding. At MSE, we solve problems at the molecular level. Thorough understanding of the molecules will definitely lead to endless research possibility and imagination. MSE focuses on the explorations of new materials having novel properties, functions and applications. Students are one of the key success of MSE. Therefore, we focus on the quality and efficiency of teaching and believe that the students today will soon become the world-leading researchers that impact the global scientific community.