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Prof. Dr. Pimchai Chaiyen

2017 marks the inaugural graduate program in Biomolecular Science and Engineering (BSE) at the School of Biomolecular Science and Engineering (BSE), Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC). This ambitious program will equip students with the most current knowledge and techniques in this fast growing field. Students will be guided through solid fundamental research at the interface of biological and biophysical chemistry, cell and molecular biology, and chemical and process engineering. We aim to become a significant international contributor to emerging technology areas such as synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, enzyme engineering, biocatalysis, biosensors and biodevices. Our research will provide Thailand with new technologies and tools for industry and bio-innovation.

Combining advanced scientific research and cutting-edge technology, our research has numerous applications in the areas of biorefinery, biofuels, functional materials, smart biosensors and biomedical detection. As biological systems are derived from nature, our technologies will be environmental-friendly and sustainable.

Our interdisciplinary program is suitable for students with basic science, applied sciences and engineering backgrounds. To ensure effective collaboration, they must be team players, creative thinkers and passionate believers in the potential of biological systems-based tools and technologies to improve the world.

VISTEC is situated in a beautiful campus at Wangchan Valley, Rayong (100 min drive from central Bangkok). Students will receive full support for tuition, accommodation and living expenses. They will have access to world-class instruments and facilities, and work under the supervision of pioneering researchers of Thailand.

The goal of the BSE program at VISTEC is to empower you to turn your great ideas, potential and ambitions into great careers and success stories. Join us on this journey.