Student and Academic Affairs (Based in Rayong)


Student and Academic Affairs (Based in Rayong) APPLY NOW

As Thailand’s leading Energy Company, PTT Public Company Limited strongly believes that a higher-education research institute dedicated to science and technology with the missions to foster exceptional scientists and to build cutting-edge knowledge and innovation is crucial for the nation. Therefore, PTT Group has founded Rayong Institute of Science and Technology Foundation to establish Vidyasirimedhi Institute, the first world-class research and educational institute in science and technology in Rayong, Thailand, with the emphasis on knowledge discovery and interdisciplinary cutting-edge research. Vidyasirimedhi Institute is scheduled to open in the year 2015.




        Academic Supports and Quality Assurance Officer

  1. Provides full academic supporting services to achieve the requirements of regulated authorities for Higher Education.
  2. Supports and strengthen the University efforts to provide quality academic courses.
  3. Maintains compliance for quality assurance as directive by relevant regulation bodies


Student Affairs, Registration & Records Officer

  1. Supports and strengthen the University efforts to provide quality counselling and promote student success and in charge of student welfare services



      Academic Supports and Quality Assurance Officer


  1. Assist Provost and faculty members to prepare information, compare and improve curriculum
  2. Appoints the Thesis Proposal Examination Committee and arranges the thesis proposal defence exam
  3. Creates the Thesis Proposal Examination Committee profile record
  4. Oversees student scholarship program to ensure student’s conformity of scholarship commitment
  5. Arranging and gathering evaluation for the performance of teachers and faculty members from students
  6.  Assess educational achievements as stipulated in the guideline of Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) and Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA)
  7. Serve on Graduate Program committee meetings; responsibilities will vary but will include scheduling, taking meeting notes, and coordinating agendas.      
  8. Provides administrative support for Provost and faculty members, including production of syllabi and exam copies, and posting materials to online Learning Management System.


Student Affairs


  1. Create strategic direction of student outreach and recruitment
  2. Provide academic preparation and orientation programs
  3. Implement policies and procedures of student affairs programs and activities
  4. Organize student activities
  5. Manages graduation commencement ceremony
  6. Develop student affairs function with other organizations



  1. Create strategic direction alumni networking
  2. Organize alumni activities
  3. Develop and implement outreach program and services in order to enhance the University and public community relationship.


      Registration & Records Officer

Enrollment and registration

  1. Coordinate with academic support and quality assurance staff for student admission, recruitment of new students for curriculum programs in accordance with the mission, goals, and policies of the University.
  2. Responsible for academic calendar, student enrolment and registration, personnel profile records, document preparation, rules and regulations policy, student guidance, and academic calendar
  3. Maintain student registration information, academic documents and records, including student academic records.
  4. Maintain curriculum files, track manuals, course syllabi, departmental forms and others as required. Develop class schedules; Project enrolment and instructional needs.


Class scheduling

  1. Accountable for preparing information, process, and agenda related to class registration
  2. Responsible for gathering /recording exam results, preparing transcripts by subject / year, and review number/status of students then presenting to faculty committee for further consideration
  3. Responsible for analyzing and planning registration system, handling service support, providing information about registration, news and events for students and public
  4. Allocating and utilizing the University’s resource and property (rate of room utilization, etc)


Examination and grading records

  1. Accountable for preparing information, process, and agenda related to study schedule-examination schedule
  2. Issue academic records and transcripts at students' request
  3. Resposible for planning and analyzing commencement and graduation ceremony



  1. Supports student campus life, offering scholarships, providing student welfare services.
  2. In charge of selecting student who comes in and goes out, directing incoming and outgoing, managing life of dorm's members, consultation, giving merit or imposing demerit, Convergencing difficulties and taking a step.


Ms.Thanthika Isarangkul na ayudhya
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC)
555 Moo1 Payupnai, Wangchan, Rayong 21210 Thailand
Tel: +6633-01-4020