Vision and mission

Vision and mission

       Innovative Frontier Research and developing cutting-edge technology for environmental and economic sustainability and sustainable human    well-being in our nation and society.

FRC aims to create research collaborations.
      •  Research Collaborations with renowned universities. Collaboration withThai faculties from other universities may occur in the form of grants, research contracts and use of “our world class facilities".
      •  Research Collaborations with industry: Interactions with industry may occur in the form of knowledge transfer, knowledge dissemination, collaboration or joint research.       
      •  Corporations. We aim to create friendly partnerships with Thai companies, funding agencies and individuals in order to provide for long-term sustainable cooperation in the interest of the partners and for the benefit of Thai society.


FRC will support and build up complementary strengths and needs in

  • Identifying outstanding scientists and engineers who are actively involved in research for science and technology in Thailand,
  • Facilitating the identification of Centers and Laboratories that are doing frontier research related to Industrial and Business sectors,
  • Implementation of Frontier research excellence for Energy and Applications, Advanced Functional Materials, NanoScience & Nanotechnology, and Environment, Health and Safety,
  • Granting research fellowships for students, researchers.


NSTDA = National Science and Technology Development Agency
TRF = Thailand Research Fund
NRCT = National Research Council of Thailand
RAIST = Rayong Institute of Science and Technology
MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology
OXFORD = University of Oxford
TOKYO = University of Tokyo
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