Frontier research

Advanced Functional Materials

Organic Electronic Materials and Devices

Our works focus on the design, synthesis and applications of organic semiconductors in electronic devices. These materials are lighter, more flexible, and less expensive than inorganic conductors. This makes them a desirable alternative in many applications. It also creates the possibility of new applications that would be impossible using copper or silicon. New applications include smart windows and electronic paper. The most interesting electronic devices include organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), organic solar cell (OSC) and organic field effect transistor (OFET).

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Hierarchical "Molecular Nanoscale Materials by Design" are powerful engines to advance frontier research & innovation for national benefit & global challenges.

Seeing Is Believing:

Seeing what makes atoms & molecules behave and react in a particular way might lead to the creation of a new material with designed and outstanding properties.

We construct and use functional structures designed from atomic or molecular scale to intelligently create novel materials with designed and outstanding properties.

We are employing frontier research approaches & cutting-edge tools to shorten the path to a new discovery and reduce the time taken to reach the market. 

This is one of the important goals on the road to "molecular nanoscale materials by design

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Molecular Catalysis: Development for Better Catalysts

Catalysis has been the forefront of chemical industry for centuries. The development of better, faster, controllable and robust catalysts is an endless task leading to safer, greener, cheaper, and more reliable processes. The catalyst development is crucial for materials design allowing a preparation of materials with novel properties. Our research focuses on the development of catalysts for industrially important polymers using molecular design of the catalysts that allows a precise control of polymer architecture.

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