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Hierarchical "Molecular Nanoscale Materials by Design" are powerful engines to advance frontier research & innovation for national benefit & global challenges.


Seeing Is Believing:

Seeing what makes atoms & molecules behave and react in a particular way might lead to the creation of a new material with designed and outstanding properties.

We construct and use functional structures designed from atomic or molecular scale to intelligently create novel materials with designed and outstanding properties.

We are employing frontier research approaches & cutting-edge tools to shorten the path to a new discovery and reduce the time taken to reach the market. 

This is one of the important goals on the road to "molecular nanoscale materials by design

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Development of Integrative  biorefinery process for producing alternative fuels and value-added chemicals from natural resources


My research mainly focuses on the development of processes for producing alternative fuels (i.e. hydrogen, ethanol, methanol, and diesel fuel) and value-added chemicals from several local natural resources. Importantly, along with these productions, several by-products and wastes from the processes are further converted to energy and/or valuable products with an aim to develop the sustainable “zero-waste” process. From the study, relevant laboratory-scale prototypes are constructed for further industrial technological transferring. The scope of my research can be classified in 3 main sections: 1. Hydrogen production from several feedstocks, 2. Conversion of biomass to fuels and value-added chemicals, 3. Catalysts for biodiesel production from palm-relevant products

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Green Energy and Feedstock Production via Catalytic C1 Conversion


This project aims to use the greenhouse gases mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) as raw materials for production of alternative and renewable energy and feedstock, i.e., hydrogen, LPG, small alcohols, dimethyl ether (DME), and other hydrocarbon products through green catalysis process.

With state-of-the-art technologies based on the green catalysis process, our nation’s energy and feedstock security will be greatly enhanced and assured.

To examine roles of metal-carbon composite catalysts for CH4 cracking reaction and selective CNTs production

To investigate the use of magnetic field for CO2 conversion and selective hydrocarbon production

To investigate the use of Spirulina-modified TiO2 catalyst for CO2 conversion via photoreaction

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Molecular Catalysis: Development for Better Catalysts


Catalysis has been the forefront of chemical industry for centuries. The development of better, faster, controllable and robust catalysts is an endless task leading to safer, greener, cheaper, and more reliable processes. The catalyst development is crucial for materials design allowing a preparation of materials with novel properties. Our research focuses on the development of catalysts for industrially important polymers using molecular design of the catalysts that allows a precise control of polymer architecture.

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