• Q : What is Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology?

    Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology is the first world-class research and educational institute in science and technology in Rayong, Thailand, with the emphasis on knowledge discovery and interdisciplinary cutting-edge research.


    As Thailand’s leading Energy Company, PTT Public Company Limited strongly believes that a higher-education research institute dedicated to science and technology with the missions to foster exceptional scientists and to build cutting-edge knowledge and innovation is crucial for the nation. Therefore, PTT Group has founded Rayong Institute of Science and Technology Foundation to establish Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology

  • Q : What are Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology’s goals?

    To lead the country into an innovation-driven economy, the world-class university must be promoted to foster the best faculty members and researchers. Advanced research in science and technology will be established to create knowledge and innovations to enhance the nation’s competitiveness for sustainable development.


  • Q : Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology’s key success factor to be a world-class university?

    1. Outstanding Faculty Members

    The cluster of outstanding faculty members nationally awarded and renowned in science and technology includes;

    • •  Outstanding Scientist Awards
    • •  NRCT Distinguished Researcher Awards
    • •  Chair Professor/Outstanding Professor
    • •  TRF Senior Researcher Scholar
    • •  International/National Boards: NSTDA,TRF, and PTT
    • •  Plenary/Keynote Speakers: ACS, NSF, DOE
    • •  Editor/Editorial Board: Nature, ACS, ACE, PRL, JACS


    2. Talented Students

    The training ground for high-quality researchers is at its birth where students will have the opportunity to;

    • •  Conduct research for 1 year in world-class universities such as
      • •  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
      • •  University of Oxford
      • •  University of Tokyo, etc.
    • •  Learn from internationally renowned visiting professors and adjunct professors from world-class universities
    • •  Join an internship program and finally work in PTT group
    • •  Receive scholarship and funding for short-term training abroad
    • •  Join several training programs in communication and leadership skills            


    3. State-of-the-Art Facilities

    The cluster of state-of-the-art research facilities is in service and includes fully equipped laboratories with world-standard equipment in science and technology, information and communications technology with access to scientific world-class standard databases to fulfill the needs of industry and advanced research


    4. Generous research funding opportunity from industrial and private sectors; in addition to supports from government funding agencies.

  • Q : What makes Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology different from other universities?

    1.            Residential Research Location

    2.            Full Time Postdoctoral System

    3.            Tenure-Track System

    4.            Curriculum Design

    5.            Small Size, Big Advantage Professor: Postdoc: Student = 1:3:5

    6.            Frontier Research

  • Q : What academic degrees/programs are offered at Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology?

    Using top notch universities, industries, societies, international outstanding scientists and engineers from world-renowned institutes and organizations as sources, Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) offers 4 academic schools in Master’s and Doctoral degrees:


    • •  School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE)
    • •  School of Molecular Science and Engineering (MSE)
    • •  School of Biomolecular Science and Engineering (BSE)
    • •  School of Information Science and Technology (IST)
  • Q : What is Frontier Research Center?

              Frontier Research Center (FRC) is a center designed to strengthen research in science and technology for Vidyasirimedhi Institute. With the “SCI-1st” philosophy, the research culture in science for post-graduate researchers will be created.


              The historical research inspiration emphasizes on basic research that invents new theory or knowledge such as Niels Bohr. On the other hand, industrial research extensively focuses on applied research to solve specific problems such as Thomas Edison. If a researcher chooses to be on just one side, a solid foundation and effective exploitation of science will not be realized.


              Vidyasirimedhi Institute has then founded Frontier Research Center (FRC) in order to strengthen research in science and technology and to integrate basic and applied research for practical uses. With the incorporation of research culture (SCI-1st) for post-graduate researchers and students and the scientific cooperation between Vidyasirimedhi Institute and other institutions, advanced creative innovations will flourish leading to numerous benefits to science, business and industry sectors as a whole.


              Frontier Research Center will build up strengths and satisfy needs in creating research collaborations. Cutting-edge scientific discoveries and real-world solutions for the national demand will be carried out both by highly qualified “FRC scholars” and by certain established faculty from renowned overseas institutes. Especially industrially important issues will profit from discoveries and innovations in molecular science and engineering.

  • Q : What are research areas of excellence?

    •  Energy Science and Engineering

    •  Molecular Nanotechnology

    •  Advanced Functional Materials

    •  Biologically Inspired Engineering and Biomass Technology

    •  Molecular Re-engineering of Agrochemicals

    •  Sustainable Environment, Health, Safety

  • Q : What is Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology’s atmosphere like on campus?

              The atmosphere on campus is Eco-friendly circulation design. Ecological reforestation is a foremost idea of the project with main purposes to create the utmost in green space and world’s most natural surrounding campus.


              Dominant feature of this project design is the adjacent in position of each building within walking distance with initiatives to more efficient use of the building. With prominent concept as institute for energy efficiency, minimized separation distance between buildings can encourage walking over the use of the vehicle from one to another, which can add liveliness to the atmosphere and increase security on campus.


              Promoting cooperation activity among researchers and students within the program and off campus neighbors in the community, which is consistent with the concepts of modern education (21st Century Learning and Education 3.0), give opportunities for socially assembled and contextually reinvented discussion everywhere. Eventually, the institute will be a community center for all recreations and leisure activities


              Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) is located on Highway 344 at km. 66, Wang Chan District, Rayong Province, Thailand

  • Q : If I am interested in employment opportunities at Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology, how to apply?

    Please visit http://raist.pttplc.com/recruitment  to submit your application online. 

  • Q : What is the deadline for a job application?

    While the first round of recruitment is open for applications in May – August 2014, the positions will remain open until filled. 

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