About Us

  • History

    Dr.Pailin Chuchotethavorn
    President of RAIST Foundation

    Thailand’s economy has been classified as “efficiency-driven” by the 2012-2013 Global Competitiveness Report. This is in contrast to other leading Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea that have utilized “innovation” to drive the economy. In addition, Thailand was ranked the 60th for higher education and training, the 68th for innovation, and the 84th for technological readiness. In order to compete and to become one of the leading countries in Asia, continuous support of education and frontier research are critically important, including the strategic and systematic development of human resources in science and technology by both government and private sectors.

    As the nation’s leading Energy Company, PTT Public Company Limited joins this vision and strongly believes that a higher-education research institute dedicated to science and technology with the missions to foster exceptional scientists and to build cutting-edge knowledge and innovation is crucial for Thailand. Therefore, PTT Public Company Limited is strongly determined to commence a Science and Technology Institute Project in Rayong in order to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 60th Birthday Anniversary in 2015.

    The first world-class research institute in science and technology in Rayong, named “Rayong Advanced Institute of Science and Technology or RAIST" (which later on changed to Vidyasirimedhi Institute), has been founded and strives towards world-class academic research and creating knowledge and cutting-edge innovation for the Thai society. Although full support in research funding, university infrastructure, research facilities, teaching equipment and human resources are provided by PTT Public Company Limited, Vidyasirimedhi Institute is designed to be autonomous and academically independent. This ensures that it can professionally and carefully select exceptionally talented students in science and technology to achieve world-class academic excellence. Vidyasirimedhi Institute have the mission to increase the country’s competitiveness and foster the best people in science and technology to ensure guide sustainable development and increase prosperity in Thailand.

  • Vision and mission


    To be a world-class frontier research institute in science and technology with the aim of thereby increasing the country’s competitiveness, sustainable development and prosperity.

    Mission Vidyasirimedhi Institute is

    1. 1. Strongly committed to pursue the challenge being an internationally competitive world class university.
    2. 2. Fostering a passionate faculty and talented students to significantly improve their knowledge and skill.
    3. 3. Actively conducting cutting edge “High Quality and High Impact Research” at an always exceptionally high level to serve our nation.
    4. 4. Enhancing the country's competitiveness via frontier research and innovation for ensuring sustainable developing of the society and the nation.
  • Identity

    • • Creativity Expands 
    • • Leadership Cultivated
    • • A Catalyst for Change 
    • • Discovery Emerges 
  • 6 Distinctions

  • Our goal

  • Keys to success

    Outstanding Faculty Members

    The cluster of nationally awarded and renowned faculty members in science and technology includes scientists with these achievements:

    • o Outstanding Scientist Awards
    • o NRCT Distinguished Researcher Awards
    • o Chair Professor/Outstanding Professor
    • o TRF Senior Researcher Scholar
    • o International/National Boards: NSTDA,TRF, and PTT
    • o Plenary/Keynote Speakers: ACS, NSF, DOE
    • o Editor/Editorial Board: Nature, ACS, ACE, PRL, JACS

    Talented Students

    The training ground for high-quality researchers is at its birth where students will have the opportunity to:


    • o Conduct research for 1 year in world-class universities such as
    •     - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    •     - University of Oxford and Cambridge
    •     - University of Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.
    • o Learn from internationally renowned visiting professors and adjunct professors from world-class universities.
    • o Join an internship program and finally work in PTT group.
    • o Receive scholarship and funding for short-term training and participating in international symposia abroad.
    • o Join training programs in communication and leadership skills.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities

    The cluster of state-of-the-art research facilities is in service and includes:

    • o Fully equipped laboratories with world-standard equipment in science and technology
    • o Information and communications technology with access to scientific world-class standard databases to
    •    fulfill the needs of industry and advanced research
    • o State-of-the-art high performance computing facilities
    • o A modern learning center and a library with optimal space management for effective learning and creative
    •    collaboration including instant access to on-line databases and learning materials for teaching and research